HD Video Backgrounds

ArtLoops Royalty Free Stock Footage
HD Video Backgrounds in 6 Volumes

HDTV resolution. 1080p (1920×1080 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio)
H.264 compression
Quicktime (.mov) Format
All animations are looping and 30 seconds long.

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ALV1Volume 1 High-Impact Tech
The ArtLoops High Impact/Tech collection presents 40 royalty free HD broadcast-quality animated video backgrounds perfect for TV Broadcast, After Effects and Flash projects or Game and Phone App development.

ALV2Volume 2 National Flags
The ArtLoops National Flags collection presents 65 royalty free HD broadcast-quality animated flag backgrounds perfect for video or television production. This collection has a wide assortment of flags from around the world including some specialty flags like the Flag of NATO, The European Union, The United Nations, and The Vatican.

ALV3Volume 3 Alpha Channel Elements
The Alpha Channel Elements royalty free collection presents 45 HD broadcast-quality looping, animated elements. Alpha channel elements can be combined with other graphics or footage in an application like Adobe After Effects to create your own composite composition.

ALV4Volume 4 World Money
This collection of international money includes 40 animated video backgrounds derived from various world currencies. American dollars, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupees, Japanese Yen, English Pounds, The Euro and Mexican Pesos are animated in various denominations. World currencies are also collaged together to create interesting world/political connections.

ALV5Volume 5 Global Connections
This HD collection includes 40 video animations of rotating globes with added currency elements great for world affairs projects. Along with the theme set designs (a theme set includes a background, a lower-third, an overlay, a template and a full-screen wipe), this collection also includes many stand-alone backgrounds, overlays and wipes which are great for world commerce, commerce, and global political subjects.

ALV6Volume 6 Subtle Expressions
The ArtLoops Subtle Expressions Theme Set is packed with 74 abstract color washes, understated shades and ambient atmospheres . A Theme Set is a background, lower-third, overlay, template and full-screen wipe all rendered around the same basic design. These theme kits let you create a distinct look-and-feel for a complete project. In addition to the theme sets there are many understated video backgrounds, lower-thirds and other graphic design elements to boost your project’s look and feel.

ArtLoops Royalty Free Stock Footage
HD Video Backgrounds in 6 Volumes

HIGH DEFINITION 1920 X 1080, H.264
Immediate download upon purchase.