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Dramatic Sounds For Your Final Cuts

Spoilers is the ultimate collection of professional sound beds that will add a powerful kick to your final cut. This collection includes 300 high definition stereo movie trailers and compositions each with matching 5.1 surround files, plus an additional 200 high impact stereo imaging elements.

The following Audio Examples are low-resolution mono .mp3s for audition purposes only. Master files are delivered as 24-bit 48kHz .wav files.

5.1 Surround

5.1 Surround Sound

Recorded at 24 bit-96k and delivered as 24 bit-48k broadcast .WAV files, Spoilers raises the bar in royalty-free commercial beds. And, as with every Blastwave FX sound collection, each file comes as an additional mp3 for easy reference.

Spoilers is a Click N’ Drag™ library. This means that the entire collection can be clicked and dragged onto any hard drive and is conveniently cataloged with embedded metadata for easy search and retrieval in Pro Tools, AVID, SoundMiner, NetMix, iTunes and other popular sound library search engines.

300 Surround Sound FX
200 Imaging Elements

If you’ve ever wondered where to find those great sonic effects that Hollywood post production editors lay into movies, trailers and commercials, look no further. This incredible set by Blastwave FX will amp-up your production with the latest, most modern audio effects available on the royalty free market.

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