Rock & Lounge Stock Music

1970s Classic Rock Plus Jazz, Bossa, Blues and More

The Stylin’ collection delivers classic, guitar-driven 1970s rock ‘n roll along with several 1960s-style pop and jazz instrumentals.

Authentic guitar styles include Delta Blues, Creedence-era Roots Rock, Dick Dale-style Surf Rock (think Pulp Fiction), soft rock in the style of the Eagles, Steely Dan-style jazz fusion plus some funky jazz guitar instrumentals in the style of Wes Montgomery..e., a new lead instrument may be used, instruments may be pulled out of the mix, or entirely new melodies may be added.

Track Descriptions

The Drifter
The Drifter features a great country/blues band from Nashville, playing a slow Delta Blues. This track features a dobro (a type of guitar) which lends a very genuine bayou blues sound to this track. There is a ZZ Top, Allman Bros. feel to this track.

Ripped & Faded
Ripped & Faded pays tribute to 1960s roots rock artists like Neil Young/Crazy Horse and Creedence Clearwater Revival. The song is bluesy powered by lead guitar and organ accompaniment. Classic Rock.

Cocktails for Two
Cocktails for Two is a smooth, jazzy, lounge tune. Jazz Guitar plays the lead melody over a Latin bossa nova beat. On this tune, the band is joined by flute and organ.

California Sun
California Sun is a happy, good time, folk rock song with echoes of 1970s California rock bands like the Eagles and Jackson Browne. The lead electric guitar plays the melody while acoustic guitars play the accompaniment parts. We called it California Sun because the feeling is positive, young, free.

On Stylin’ the band plays a popular jazz fusion style. This track would be a great choice for corporate productions, inspirational, or industrial videos. There is an achievement, “getting it done” attitude to the track.

High Flyin’
High Flyin’ is about energy and achievement. The arrangement is sophisticated one. The sound is similar to the music of Steely Dan. Lead guitar powers the track.

Wild Ones
Wild Ones is a kitschy send-up of 1960s beach party movies, surf music, and bikers with leather jackets. This “surf guitar” music style (invented by Dick Dale) was popularized in films like Quentin Tarentino’s Pulp Fiction.

Evening Dress
Evening Dress evokes the sensual, sophisticated music of artists like Sade. On this track, the melody is played by guitar and saxophone. Strings are added to give the track a romantic feeling.

Good Vibes
On Good Vibes, the band plays cool and jazzy. This track has a classy, self-assured attitude. It would work well with anything casual or relaxed – browsing or shopping – for instance.

Each song in this collection comes with a bundle of auxiliary edits.  There are 30 and 60-second commercial mixes, alternate themes and mixes, as well as short transitions based on the main theme which can aid in linking scenes together.  You can hear these edits by scrolling through this playlist.

When you add Stylin’ to your next production, you’ll be adding very commercial sounding and engaging music that will work perfectly in many different environments including corporate presentations, industrial video, advertising and music-on-hold applications.