Themescapes Collection

A wide variety of soundtrack styles in this 90 minute collection

Our bestseller to date
Themescapes travels from the bayous of the southern United States to deepest India while delivering 90 minutes of inspired music soundtracks. The unique construction kit design lets you combine main themes with remixes and variations. Great for documentaries, marketing films, slide presentations and multimedia productions.

I choose music that I would actually like to listen to, without visuals. The music on the Themescapes set is that type of music.”  Jack Donaldson, VideoVision, Los Angeles, CA

Listen to the tracks in the Themescapes collection below. Each track is delivered as a CD quality .wav file along with a high-resolution .mp3 file.

Track Descriptions

Past Reflections
Past Reflections is a warm, contemplative piece that features the acoustic guitar. It creates a mellow, wistful feeling.

Biological Clock
Biological Clock is driven by a pulsing, kinetic groove and a repeated piano figure. Electronic effects contribute to the overall ambient texture.

Out of the Mist
Out of the Mist features a mysterious, haunting melody played on the bamboo flute. The piece begins with the flute solo and gradually a dark, mystical vocal choir texture evolves around it. Half-way into the song a slow trip hop groove is added to the texture.

Cool With It
Cool With It has a jazzy, relaxed feel and a kind of retro-1970’s groove to it. It features a bluesy hollow-body guitar lead melody. The style is funky with an acid jazz groove.

Into the Night
Into the Night is a fast paced bit of Techno electronica. The catchy melody is played primarily in the piano but flute and strings later add a countermelody. The song evokes a sense of determination and passion.

Love Scene
Love Scene is a dramatic, romantic, sensual piece. Electronic sound washes mix with piano, world drums, trumpet and saxophone solos.

Bayou Blues
Bayou Blues evokes good times and country music. It features an acoustic blues guitar and country fiddle melody. Piano, bass, and drums complete the ensemble.

Good News!
Good News! evokes achievement and inspiration. A tuneful alto sax melody gives the piece a happy, uplifting quality. Great for Corporate Presentations.

Man with a Mission
Man with a Mission is a Techno dance-influenced song that evokes a sense of action and purpose. The primary theme begins with a rhythmic build-up, the bass kicks in followed by a string melody played over the percussion-based accompaniment.

“I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the Themescapes collection. Each project I do is different from the next, most often in the pacing and mood. Music is an integral part of the success of the final project. The music collection I turn to is Themescapes, for choice, quality of the compositions and edit-ability.    Scott Goodman Productions, New York, NY

Waiting for Tomorrow
Waiting For Tomorrow blends two forces, an ethereal, apprehensive sound featuring the string orchestra and a fuzzed out rock guitar lead. The track has a sense of adventure and mystery.

Peak Performance
Peak Performance is a festive, motivational song that features vocal and orchestral sounds. The tone is playful and happy.

Orchestral Prelude
Orchestral Prelude is a lyrical symphonic piece. It evokes a victorious, grandiose feeling. Melodies are played by synth string orchestra and oboe.

Each Full-Length theme has an additional 3 alternate themes and mixes.  By incorporating the auxiliary mixes you can add variation to your soundtrack.  You can hear all tracks in the Themescapes set by scrolling through this playlist.

Using the Themescapes construction kits, you have the tools to enhance your visual imagery by creating your own integrated music soundtrack. Add the unique sound of the Themescapes Royalty Free set to your next production.

Themescapes has been featured in several industry magazines including Computer VideoMaker, Video Systems, Mix and PhotoTrade News.