Filmscapes Soundtracks

These dramatic movie soundtracks will heighten the drama of your story

From aggressive, action-adventure soundtracks to subdued, ambient choir textures, Filmscapes provides a wide and colorful palette of musical choices. With over 2 hours and 20 minutes of production music, Filmscapes is jam-packed with main themes, instrumental backgrounds, remixes, transitions and 30 and 60-second advertising spot mixes.

“First, let me thank you for the quality of music we received on our Filmscapes CDs. I have already scored one industrial video using them and the feedback was tremendous.” Nathan Tothrow, PNC Bank, Philadelphia, PA

Listen to the tracks on the Filmscapes using the streaming panel below. Each track is delivered as a CD quality .wav file along with a high-resolution .mp3 file.

Track Descriptions

Life’s Mystery Life’s Mystery has a hopeful, wistful quality to it. It is based on a medium dance groove. The melody first appears in the piano and is taken up in the strings. The middle section features electronica textures and solo string instruments. 

Escape from Sector 7 An Action and Adventure soundtrack with a Techno dance groove (think of Extreme Sports video productions).  The track is powered by rhythmic guitar playing and a propulsive tom-tom drum pattern. The melody is played by orchestral strings. The middle section breaks down the dance groove and adds electronic bass effects.

“I find your music tracks to be emotionally sophisticated, unlike most “stock” music out there. They allow me to craft my productions around the music, which is how I like to work. I’m really looking forward to working with the tracks on Filmscapes in the months to come.”  FireHawk Resonance, Santa Cruz, CA

Blues Country The main melody of the Blues Country is built around a medium blues shuffle.  The track features acoustic guitar, piano, fiddle, bass, and drums.  The song gives off a happy and contented, good time feeling.  The primary theme is 6 minutes and 31 seconds long. The track features both guitar and piano solos.

Cruisin’ for Action Cruisin’ for Action is an upbeat, funky, and soulful song.  It is reminiscent of 1970s TV themes (think Love Boat, Charlie’s Angels).  Jazz guitar is the featured instrument.  Piano and saxophone also play prominent roles in the mix.

Agent Uri Agent Uri is propelled by a driving, heavy-metal guitar riff.  This theme, dominated by power-chord riffs, emphasizes action, adventure, and strength.  The song begins with an ominous low swirling, then the band kicks in.  The middle section uses a background of guitar feedback to highlight a melody played by orchestral strings.

Dream Sequence Dream Sequence is highlighted by a gothic choir singing “In excelsis deo”.   A Trip Hop rhythmic groove mixed with an ethereal electronic texture accompanies the choir.  The overall quality is mysterious, otherworldly and mystical.   Those looking for ambient or New Age sounding tracks should check out this song.

The Filmscapes Royalty Free collection contains 86 tracks presenting over two hours of royalty free music. From aggressive, action-adventure soundtracks to subdued, ambient choir textures, Filmscapes provides a wide and colorful palette of musical choices

Island Paradise Island Paradise uses Latin percussion instruments and orchestral strings to create a grand, majestic feeling of wonder. A Spanish-tinged acoustic guitar melody floats above the texture evoking thoughts of Caribbean Islands and summer.

Take It Home Take it Home is a happy, easy-going, country score announcing good news and glad tidings.  The acoustic guitar melody is accompanied by piano, bass, and drums.  A country steel guitar plays a counter-melody in the middle section of this full-length track.

Each song in the Filmscapes set comes with a bundle of auxiliary edits.  There are 30 and 60-second commercial mixes, alternate themes and mixes, as well as short transitions based on the main theme which can aid in linking scenes together.  You can hear these edits by scrolling through this playlist.

Using the Filmscapes construction kits, you have the tools to enhance your visual imagery by creating your own integrated music soundtrack. Add the unique sound of the Filmscapes Royalty Free collection to your next media production.