Groovescapes Modern Beats

Energy, Rhythm, & Groove

This collection brings an eclectic assortment of modern rhythmic styles.  Jazzy Hip Hop grooves, Techno and Dance are presented along with hard-driving rock, drum’nbass , and Latin rhythms.  If you are building a collection of royalty free music tracks and want to quickly gain a broad array of musical styles, then Groovescapes makes a great starting place.

Listen to the tracks in the Groovescapes collection below.  Each track is delivered as a CD quality .wav file along with a high-resolution .mp3 file.

Track Descriptions

Kaleidoscope uses several filtering effects on the drums to create an ambient, swirling, electronic texture. The song evokes feelings of awe and inspiration. A minor-key piano melody floats above the groove. This music would work best behind serious, newsworthy footage or nature imagery.

Mellow D
Mellow D begins with a short orchestral string introduction followed by an Acid Jazz bass groove that powers the track. This song is light, jazzy and cool. It evokes big city, hot summer imagery. This track features soft and soulful female vocals. A Herbie Hancock-like electric piano trades licks with the vocalist.

Rock Club
Rock Club has a definite garage band attitude. This track has plenty of rough edges and fuzz-guitar to go around. A Fender Rhodes electric piano lick drives the track. The hard rock guitar work evokes the Grunge-style of the early 1990s.

“The best Royalty Free Music I’ve found to date. Groovescapes arrived yesterday and it is brilliant. Simply brilliant. I can’t wait to use it in my projects. It is Modern, smooth and extremely well produced.”
Patrick Fleming Media & Marketing, Mount Gambier, Australia

Celebration Day
Celebration Day is an upbeat, party tune. funk and Latin music combine to form a truly intoxicating groove. The feelings are of excitement and enjoyment.

Affirmation uses Techno beats to evoke a confident, winning attitude. This track bubbles along on the strength of synthesized bass lines. One can imagine this music working well for a new product presentation, a corporate sales piece, or a “Discovery Channel” channel type documentary.

Mission Control
Mission Control is an upbeat piece of electronica featuring melodic strings. The tone of this track is positive emphasizing confidence and strength. A low bass pattern powers the track. The electronic quality of this track brings to mind images of machinery in action, production, assembly lines, mechanistic movements, crowded city streets, etc. The modern metropolis awakens.

“Just wanted to let you know that Groovescapes is exactly what our studio needed. Our customers have never been so happy with the music and even though I am no composer, I have already made a number of my own unique tracks with the remixes and loops, it’s so easy. Just drop and drag! I really feel like I have an edge on my competitors who are charging much more because they have to pay royalties and the music they use is no better and not as flexible as Groovescapes. Guy Heyman, Creative Director, The Message Guy – Message On-Hold Solutions, Black Forest, Australia

On Track
On Track features a George Benson-like guitar melody and groove. The overall feeling is breezy and cool, suggesting a relaxed summer afternoon. The groove is propelled by a funky wah-wah guitar. There is a touch of jazz and “rare groove” styling in this track. The feelings are of happiness, new beginnings, and positive intentions.

Lazy Day
Lazy Day combines a drum’n bass flavor with a distinctive Acid Jazz attitude. The feeling is relaxed evoking blue skies and carefree days. Electric piano and tenor saxophone melodies are featured in this mellow track.

New Old School
New Old School is a very funky hip hop track featuring DJ scratching, and melodies by trombone and electric piano. It evokes feelings of smooth confidence, a sure thing, overall assuredness and an urban flavor.

Positive Place
Positive Place has a Euro-dance club feeling. The sounds are primarily electronic except for the lead piano. This song gives off a self-assured feeling. One can easily visualize fashion models walking down runways, moving to this track. This track evokes nightlife, youth, flying solo in the city.

Each song in the Groovescapes set comes with a bundle of auxiliary edits.  There are 30 and 60-second commercial mixes, alternate themes and mixes, as well as short transitions based on the main theme which can aid in linking scenes together.  You can hear these edits by scrolling through this playlist.

When you add the modern sound of the Groovescapes collection to your production you’ll have a great tool to create an exciting and dramatic music soundtrack that have a fresh take on the music of today.