Royalty Free Music Collections

The royalty free music collections at High Impact Stock Media are from the classic UniqueTracks Production Music Library.  Each set contains over an hour of stock music which will add a vital energy to your production work.

All tracks are downloaded as CD-quality .wav files as well as a high-resolution .mp3 file.

Royalty Free Music Downloads

The Themescapes Collection – Our bestseller to date
Themescapes travels from the bayous of the southern United States to deepest India while delivering 90 minutes of inspired music soundtracks. The unique construction kit design lets you combine main themes with remixes and variations. Great for documentaries, marketing films, slide presentations and multimedia productions.

Filmscapes Movie Soundtracks
From aggressive, action-adventure soundtracks to subdued, ambient choir textures, Filmscapes provides a wide and colorful palette of musical choices. With over 2 hours and 20 minutes of production music, Filmscapes is jam-packed with main themes, instrumental backgrounds, remixes, transitions and 30 and 60-second advertising spot mixes.

Groovescapes Modern Beats
This collection brings an eclectic assortment of modern rhythmic styles. Jazzy Hip Hop grooves, Techno and Dance are presented along with hard-driving rock, drum’n bass, and Latin rhythms. If you are building a collection of royalty free music tracks and want to quickly gain a broad array of musical styles, then Groovescapes makes a great starting place.

High Voltage Rock & Metal
This collection provides you with explosive soundtracks like those used in WWF productions, or ESPN Extreme Sports. Use this collection virtually anywhere that you want to add feelings of confidence, swagger, danger, strength, authority…. in action adventure scenes, computer gaming and topics of male interest

Stylin’ Rock & Lounge
The Stylin’ collection delivers classic, guitar-driven 1970s rock ‘n roll along with several 1960s-style pop and jazz instrumentals. Authentic guitar styles include Delta Blues, Creedence-era Roots Rock, Dick Dale-style Surf Rock (think Pulp Fiction), soft rock in the style of the Eagles, Steely Dan-style jazz fusion plus some funky jazz guitar instrumentals in the style of Wes Montgomery..e., a new lead instrument may be used, instruments may be pulled out of the mix, or entirely new melodies may be added.

Royalty Free Christmas Music
This collection of 12 of the most famous Christmas Carols is perfect for special holiday season promotions as well as on-hold messaging, PowerPoint slide presentations, and radio and TV advertising spots.  You’ll also want to use it for your own personal use for family videos, digital camera slide shows, and more.


Royalty Free Stock Music

CD-Quality WAV & MP3
Immediate download upon purchase.