Podcast Production Toolkit

500 Sound FX

Podcaster, from Blastwave FX, includes loopable beats animal effects, cartoon sound effects, the sound of crashes, vehicles, weapons, human sound effects, imaging elements and more.

The following Audio Examples are low-resolution mono .mp3s for audition purposes only. Master files are delivered as high-resolution stereo .mp3 files.

This library provides you with the professional sounds you need for your podcast.  Every sound was originally recorded at 24-96 to ensure the highest quality for today’s production needs then delivered as high resolution stereo MP3 files.

Podcaster has everything you need
to produce a professional podcast

Add music or just a beat loop to your intro and immediately give a focus to the theme of your show. With over 500 sound effects this set will let you underscore the humorous, contentious and exciting moments of your podcast.