New Four Volume Series of Sound Effects


Production music library offers huge selection of sound effects and royalty free music for broadcasters, podcasters, multimedia creators and game developers – 1350 ways to strengthen a production’s identity.

Brooklyn, NY –  UniqueTracks, a leading provider of royalty-free music and sound effects, today announced the release of its new High-Impact Sound FX Series. The collection’s 1350 effects are organized into 4 volumes.

Volume 1, High-Impact Radio contains 365 sound effects designed to boost a radio station’s promos, sweepers and station ids. The collection includes telephone effects, sound beds, tape rewinds, transmissions, numerous whooshes, washes stabs, lasers, hits, ramps and accents.

Volume 2, High-Impact Television provides 305 audio elements designed to underscore and enhance visual storytelling. This volume contains a wide selection of ethereal drones, low frequency rumbles, explosions, static bursts, and various sound flourishes like quick ascends, descends, power ups, sweeps and stingers.

Volume 3, High-Impact Multimedia is designed for Powerpoint, Flash and Web creators looking for sounds to link with button and mouseover behaviors, error messages, start-up screens and pop-up elements. The collection features 450 audio effects including clicks, beeps, pings, chimes, gears and musical tones.

Volume 4, High-Impact Game Design contains 230 sound effects for sci-fi, war, arcade, strategy, simulation, and action-adventure games. The collection provides retro-sounding arcade effects, ghost and alien movements, force fields, lasers, hand-to-hand combat effects, rock movements, various crunches, crashes, fires and fire balls, thunder claps, military explosions and a large array of automatic handgun and machine-gun effects.

Each of the 1350 sound files in High-Impact Sound FX Series can be purchased individually and immediately downloaded as 16-bit, 44.1KHz stereo WAV format files from the UniqueTracks website. The entire collection can also be downloaded or the series can be shipped on 4 CD-ROMs. All 1350 sounds can be previewed in either Flash or QuickTime format at High Impact Sound Effects by UniqueTracks.

About UniqueTracks Inc.
UniqueTracks licenses stock music  to media producers who in turn, integrate the music and effects into their DVDs, videos, podcasts, radio and TV advertising, Flash and Powerpoint presentations and music-on-hold programming.

For more information about the High-Impact Sound FX Series,  please call at 888-400-2149 (toll free, US/Canada) or international direct 1-718-965-2318