High Voltage Rock

Give your next project a power surge
with this high energy Hard Rock/Heavy Metal collection

This collection provides you with explosive soundtracks like those used in WWF productions, or ESPN Extreme Sports.

Use this collection virtually anywhere that you want to add feelings of confidence, swagger, danger, strength, authority…. in action adventure scenes, computer gaming and topics of male interest.

High Voltage is also perfect for images of athletics, i.e. X-treme sports (i.e. skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, in-line skating), auto racing, motorcycling, and contact sports.

Listen to the tracks in the High Voltage collection below. Each track is delivered as a CD quality .wav file along with a high-resolution .mp3 file.

Track Descriptions

Maximum Strength
Using maximum power chords, this track has a take-no-prisoners attitude. A headbangers favorite, Maximum Strength = Maximum High Octane.

Winning Ways
With a broad, sweeping lead guitar theme, this track establishes a positive, optimistic vibe. The feelings are of accomplishment, hard-won victory and success. 

High Voltage
High Voltage features lead guitar pyrotechnics playing over a fuzzed-out metal low end. The feeling is gritty and determined. There is a resolute, confidence about the track.

Frontside Attitude
Frontside Attitude mixes metal with hip-hop elements to create a real adrenaline rush. There is a daring and fearless quality to the track. “Frontside” Attitude emulates the actions of X-treme sports skateboard athletes.

Next Level
Next Level is an uptempo metal burner. The mood is forceful, aggressive and strong.

Fortune Smiles
Fortune Smiles is a good time, easy going, bluesy track. An infectious rhythm guitar part propels the track, while the main slide guitar melody plays overhead. 

Head Rush
Head Rush employs a repeated low-end riff to create a bold and aggressive track. The overall emotion is of strength and confidence.

Spin Out
In Spin Out, a climbing, spinning motif is employed to tell a story of prevailing and overcoming obstacles. The track is a medium groove powered by a catchy rhythm guitar part.

Last Ride
Last Ride has a confidently, funky vibe to it. The sound is somewhat muted and laid-back. The overall mood is positive and direct. 

Each song in the High Voltage collection comes with a bundle of auxiliary edits.  There are 30 and 60-second commercial mixes, alternate themes and mixes, as well as short transitions based on the main theme which can aid in linking scenes together.  You can hear these edits by scrolling through this playlist.

High Voltage is packed with enough serious rock and heavy metal riffs to satisfy even the most fanatical metalhead.

When you add the music of High Voltage to your next production, you’ll immediately amp up the energy and presence of your sound mix and with our construction kit design, you’ll have the tools to create your own integrated music soundtrack.