305 Sound Effects for TV Production

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Color and Shape your mix with this set of attention-grabbing audio production elements.

High-Impact Television Production Elements provides 305 audio elements designed to underscore and enhance visual storytelling. The disc contains a wide selection of ethereal drones, low frequency rumbles, explosions, static bursts, and various sound flourishes like quick ascends, descends, power ups, sweeps and stingers.

The following Audio Examples are low-resolution mono .mp3s for audition purposes only. Master files are delivered as 44.1 kHz stereo .wav files.

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305 Professional Sound Effects
for TV Production

The High-Impact Television collection will become a constant companion at your post-production desk. With its varied palette of sound effects, this collection will underscore and enhance your visual storytelling.

High-Impact TV Production Elements can be purchased as an immediate download.  Right after checkout, you will receive a link that will download the product to your computer.

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High-Impact Television Production Elements

High-Impact TV Production Elements on CD-ROM

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