High-Impact Sound FX

The High-Impact Sound Effects Series contains four separate volumes. A brief description of each volume is written below.

High-Impact Radio Imaging Sound EffectsVolume 1: High-Impact Radio
With the High-Impact Radio collection you’ll get the tools to deliver just the right ear-candy to your target audience. Give your spots and promos a shot of adrenaline with the 365 professionally-designed audio imaging elements in this collection. Our Bestseller!

Features: Telephone Effects, Transmissions, Accents, Energy Beams, Bumpers, Lasers, Rumbles, Accends, Descends, Hits, Stabs, Stings, Sci-Fi Effects, Sweeps, Whooshes, Static, Distortion and Feedback, Promo Beds, Station IDs

High-Impact Television Production ElementsVolume 2: High-Impact Television
The High-Impact Television collection will become a constant companion at your post-production desk. With its varied palette of sound effects, this collection will underscore and enhance your visual storytelling. 

Features: Low Frequency Drone Beds, Kicks and Rumbles, Ascends, Descends, Laser Hits, Stingers, Stabs, Filters, Transmissions, Sweeps, Washes, Whooshes to Hits, Explosions, Feedback, Promo Statics

High-Impact Sound Effects for Flash Productions and MultimediaVolume 3: High-Impact Multimedia
Whether you’re creating a Flash production for the web, a corporate Powerpoint presentation or a kiosk for tourists at your local theme park, the sounds on the High-Impact Multimedia collection will help create the right atmosphere for your work. 

Features Flash Elements, Digital Readouts and Beds, Flash Gears, Multimedia Hits, Beeps, Buttons, Chimes, Clicks, Error Messages, Mouseovers, Musical Tones, Pings, Pop-Up Elements, Start Up Screens, Window Effects

High-Impact Sound Effects for Game DesignersVolume 4: High-Impact Game Design
High-Impact Game Design contains over 230 sound effects that can be used in a multitude of game titles – adventure, sci-fi, war, retro arcade, single and multi-shooter, web applications and more. 

Features: Crunches, Crashes, Guns, Force Fields, Fire, Fireballs, Match Flares, Rock Slate Movement, Evil Presence & Magical Drones, Ethereal Underscores, Low Frequency and Volcanic Rumbles, Metallic Hits, Thumps, Explosions and Military Blasts, Thunder Claps, Feedback & Distortion, Radio Static, Menu Buttons, Screen Transitions, Splash Screens, Aliens & Ghosts, Retro Arcade Movements