365 Sound Effects for Radio Imaging

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Create audio adrenaline and buzz with this collection of High-Impact Radio Sound Effects

High-Impact Radio contains 365 sound effects designed to boost a radio station’s promos, sweepers and station ids. The collection includes telephone effects, sound beds, tape rewinds, transmissions, numerous whooshes, washes stabs, lasers, hits, ramps and accents.

The following Audio Examples are low-resolution mono .mp3s for audition purposes only. Master files are delivered as 44.1 kHz stereo .wav files

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365 Professional Sound Effects for Radio Imaging
With the High-Impact Radio collection you’ll get the tools to deliver just the right ear-candy to your target audience. Give your sweepers and promos a shot of adrenaline with the 365 professionally designed radio imaging elements in this collection.

High-Impact Radio can be purchased as an immediate download.  Right after checkout, you will receive a link that will download the product to your computer.

High-Impact Radio Imaging Sound Effects

High-Impact Radio on CD-ROM

If you prefer, the High-Impact Series can be shipped to you on CD-ROM (USA only). Shipping charges will apply. Purchase CD-ROM Version.