450 Sound FX for Web, App & Flash Developers

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Add flair and personality with these sound effects for Phone App and Web projects.

This collection of over 450 sound effects will energize your project’s mouse overs, buttons, clicks, drop down boxes, pop-up windows, start-up screens, error messages – anywhere you want to accent a move or some motion. It’s great for Phone Apps, websites, Flash projects, kiosks and other types of multimedia authoring.

The following Audio Examples are low-resolution mono .mp3s for audition purposes only. Master files are delivered as 44.1 kHz stereo .wav files

Browse Track Listings and Descriptions (PDF file)

Whether you’re creating a new Phone app, a corporate Powerpoint presentation or a kiosk for tourists at your local theme park, the sound elements in the High-Impact Multimedi collection will help create the right atmosphere for your work.

High-Impact Multimedia can be purchased as an immediate download.  Right after checkout, you will receive a link that will download the product to your computer. These sounds should be part of every producer’s toolkit. Pick up this collection today.

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High-Impact Sound Effects for Flash Productions and Multimedia

High-Impact Multimedia on CD-ROM

If you prefer, High-Impact Multimedia can be shipped to you on CD-ROM (USA only). Shipping charges will apply. Purchase the CD-ROM Version.