1350 Sound Effects – Complete Series

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The Complete High-Impact FX Series 4 Volume Set contains 1350 sound effects and production elements that will add just the right sonic energy to your production.

The Complete High-Impact Sound Effects Series contains these four volumes. A brief description of each volume is written below.

High-Impact Radio Imaging Sound EffectsVolume 1: High-Impact Radio
With this collection you’ll get the tools to deliver just the right ear-candy to your target audience. Give your spots and promos a shot of adrenaline with the 365 professionally-designed audio imaging elements in this collection. Our Bestseller! $29

Features: Telephone Effects, Transmissions, Accents, Energy Beams, Bumpers, Lasers, Rumbles, Accends, Descends, Hits, Stabs, Stings, Sci-Fi Effects, Sweeps, Whooshes, Static, Distortion and Feedback, Promo Beds, Station IDs

High-Impact Television Production ElementsVolume 2: High-Impact Television
The High-Impact Television collection will become a constant companion at your post-production desk. With its varied palette of sound effects, this collection will underscore and enhance your visual storytelling. $29

Features: Low Frequency Drone Beds, Kicks and Rumbles, Ascends, Descends, Laser Hits, Stingers, Stabs, Filters, Transmissions, Sweeps, Washes, Whooshes to Hits, Explosions, Feedback, Promo Statics

High-Impact Sound Effects for Flash Productions and MultimediaVolume 3: High-Impact Multimedia
Whether you’re creating a Flash production for the web, a corporate Powerpoint presentation or a kiosk for tourists at your local theme park, the sounds on the High-Impact Multimedia collection will help create the right atmosphere for your work. $19

Features Flash Elements, Digital Readouts and Beds, Flash Gears, Multimedia Hits, Beeps, Buttons, Chimes, Clicks, Error Messages, Mouseovers, Musical Tones, Pings, Pop-Up Elements, Start Up Screens, Window Effects

High-Impact Sound Effects for Game DesignersVolume 4: High-Impact Game Design
High-Impact Game Design contains over 230 sound effects that can be used in a multitude of game titles – adventure, sci-fi, war, retro arcade, single and multi-shooter, web applications and more. $19

Features: Crunches, Crashes, Guns, Force Fields, Fire, Fireballs, Match Flares, Rock Slate Movement, Evil Presence & Magical Drones, Ethereal Underscores, Low Frequency and Volcanic Rumbles, Metallic Hits, Thumps, Explosions and Military Blasts, Thunder Claps, Feedback & Distortion, Radio Static, Menu Buttons, Screen Transitions, Splash Screens, Aliens & Ghosts, Retro Arcade Movements, Whips

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