45 Royalty Free Alpha Channel Elements in HD

Royalty Free HD Stock Footage
Alpha Channel Elements

The ArtLoops Alpha Channel royalty free collection presents 45 HD broadcast-quality looping, animated elements. Alpha channel elements can be combined with other graphics or footage in an application like Adobe After Effects to create your own composite composition.

The video below demos the complete set of alpha elements in the collection. We used stock footage of a basketball player underneath the alpha channel transparency to further show how the elements behave in a project.

HDTV resolution. 1080p (1920×1080 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio)
ProRes 4444 compression
Quicktime (.mov) Format
All animations are looping and 30 seconds long.

Here are some individual videos from the collection. These examples show the full length (30 seconds) clip. The black background is actually transparent and will show whatever is behind the alpha channel mask. Images in grey can be colored in After Effects.

Thumbnail Examples

ArtLoops, Volume 3
45 Royalty Free HD Alpha Channel Elements

The files are delivered (downloaded) as 4 zip files (4.5 GB).
A royalty free license agreement is included in the download.