Stock Media for Your Production is dedicated to bringing you the best in professional sound effects, royalty free music, and animated HD video backgrounds.

Download Professional Sound Effects

The High-Impact Series is a four volume set of audio imaging sound effects. Each volume includes over 300 effects. This specially-priced sound fx package will deliver just the right shot of audio adrenaline for your media projects.

High-Impact Sound FX Series
Volume 1 Radio Imaging Effects
Volume 2 TV Sound Effects
Volume 3 Multimedia Elements
Volume 4 Game FX

Royalty Free Music

The royalty free music collections at High Impact Stock Media are from the classic UniqueTracks Music Production Library.  Each set contains over an hour of stock music which will add a vital energy to your production work.

Royalty Free Music Collections
The Themescapes Collection
Filmscapes Movie Soundtracks
Groovescapes Modern Beats
High Voltage Rock & Metal
Stylin’ Rock & Lounge Stock Music
Classic Christmas Carols

Video Background Animations

Each volume in the ArtLoops stock video series presents 40+ broadcast quality animated backgrounds. The set is geared towards International Relations, High-Tech and Business with a series of volumes on animated national flags, globes, and world money. .

ArtLoops HD Animated Video Background Series
Volume 1 High-Impact Tech
Volume 2 National Flags
Volume 3 All Alpha Channel
Volume 4 World Money
Volume 5 Subtle Expressions
Volume 6 Global Connections

Blastwave FX

Blastwave FX is a major supplier of professional sound effects to Hollywood and the game production industry. Its design and engineering teams push the sound envelope with innovative product formats, rich metadata, multi-channel libraries and the highest resolution audio that technology allows.

Blastwave FX Premium Sound Effects
Podcaster – Podcast Sound FX Toolkit
Webtones – Phone Apps & Web Sound FX
Spoilers – Surround Sound Pro FX
Drones – Thriller, Fantasy Drone FX